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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olivia is three today! To celebrate her 36 months of life, I decided to write 36 things I love about her (there are so many more!).

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! You amaze me everyday and you can't possibly understand how much joy you bring to my life. I love you!

1. I love the way you dance.
2. I love to see the things you create - color, paint, draw.
3. I love how you add the answer you desire to the end of your question ("Can I have another M&M? Yeah, it's okay!").
4. I love the color of your hair.
5. I love that you coo at Evie and tell her how darling she is.
6. I love your sweet cheeks (both sets!).
7. I love how helpful you are at fetching diapers, wipes, the phone, a paci or anything else I need.
8. I love that curling up with a good book all by yourself is a regular occurrence.
9. I love that you don't protest when I cover you in kisses.
10. I love that you are learning to obey more each day.
11. I love watching you ride your bike and how you look in your pink helmet.
12. I love that I'm the one you seek for comfort.
13. I love that you are quick to encourage others.
14. I love playing board games with you.
15. I love the shape and color of your beautiful eyes.
16. I love that you want to wear your leotard all the time.
17. I love the sound of your delightful squeal when Daddy tickles you.
18. I love the sparkle in your eye when you excitedly await a surprise.
19. I love (and am baffled by) your long dark eye lashes.
20. I love your precious not-quite-baby-but-not-quite-big-girl hands. They are even (or especially?) cute with chipped pink polish.
21. I love that you are empathetic well beyond your years.
22. I love how imaginative you are.
23. I love that you are eager to help me cook, and run to get your stool when I'm at work in the kitchen.
24. I love listening to you hold real conversations with me or others when you talk on the phone.
25. I love how tightly you squeeze me when you give hugs.
26. I love that you can read a situation and without being told, will give someone a hug just when they need it.
27. I love that you kiss me on the lips.
28. I love that you joyfully help other kids - younger or older.
29. I love that you ask questions and really think about my answers
30. I love how excited you get about bubble baths.
31. I love how you still just want to be held after waking up from you nap or a night of sleep.
32. I love the way you run.
33. I love the look of concentration on your face when you put on your shoes by yourself.
34. I love that ordinary things haven't lost their appeal to you and nearly everything is exciting.
35. I love how you sit patiently when I do your hair be it bows or blow dryer!
36. I love that, "I love you, Mommy" spontaneously escapes your lips throughout the day.

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